Einstein rode a beam of light.

Newton watched an apple fall.

Now, imagine the arc of our existence

From beginning to end…


Give these questions to adults and they will answer with science, with biology anthropology, paleontology, cosmology.  But, given to children, they will answer with what they observed after they first opened their eyes, saw what was in front of them, and tried to understand it.


This is that story.


It is about what children find after they're born. If their eyes stay open, they will soon discover that their road can take them anywhere.


Your journey starts here.


Where are we going?

Or are we spirits?

Where do people come from?

Are we animals?

Did we come from the stars?

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“An intriguing existential tale that thoughtful readers will want to read several times.”

– Kirkus Review of Books

Bring all your children

(including your inner child)

Where the Little Prince meets

the Wizard of Oz.



Dr. Julian Lev


Julian Lev is a licensed psychologist who practices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1989. Dr. Lev’s practice is based on his conviction that, for all our individual differences, we share many common experiences and problems. If placed in proper context, these experiences will reveal deeper meanings that can be understood by almost anyone.


About The Artist


Zara Kriegstein


Zara Kriegstein received her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Academy of Art in West Berlin in 1978. She spent a year traveling through Italy, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Mexico to study the art and culture of ancient civilizations. Her style of painting combines German Expressionism and Mexican mural painting. She lived and painted in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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